For thousands of years, people have reported unexplained phenomena or experienced encounters with the spirit realm.  Ghostly apparitions, whispers from the shadows, objects moving by themselves... what makes these various experiences so intriguing to paranormal researchers today is the consistancy of these reports.  Numerous different persons from different places and even different timelines have all in most cases experienced the same things.  

The paranormal today is studied on an almost forensic level.  EMF meters used to measure electric frequencies in specific areas, digital recorders for recording disembodied voices or unidentified sounds, night vision digital camcorders and FLIR (infrared) cameras used to capture ghostly apparitions... in many cases the investigation can even go into chemical research of the land, water, and air.

We are a paranormal research team based in Phoenix, Arizona.  We are available to help all residents in the Phoenix and surrounding city areas.  If you feel that you need help with the paranormal, please contact us at

You are not alone!!  Many others have experienced dealings and attacks with the paranormal and with the spirit realm.  We can help!  

We are a freelance team of researchers dedicated to the study of the unexplained.  We provide assistance in helping sprits cross over and exorcising evil and demonic forces.   

 Below is a photograph that I took at Resthaven Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ.  Many who have seen this photo have seen ghostly images of faces in the grassy ground of the grave at the bottom of this photo?  

What do YOU see?

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